Thursday, April 14, 2011

Open Source

In Last Post I've Presented You An Over View Of Open Source !!In This Post Lets See About The What Are The Standards Of open Source,When We Call A Software Open Source And Advantages And Disadvantages Of Open Source !!
Inception Of Open Source 
 The Concept Of open Source Was First Orginated In Early 1970's And Then Later Taken Up Various Organisations With Several Releases Of Open Source Softwares .Soon After Ibm Showed Its Interest In open Source and Gave Its Contribution To Community.Open Source Came Into Lime Light With The Advent Of Popular unix Bases Operating System Called "Linux " By Linus Trovalds to providean alternative for Microsoft’s closed Source Windows Operating System And Realted Software.From Then Open Source Was on Uprise And many Commuities And Organisations Started Contributing Like Eclipse Foundation,Free Software Foundation,Berkely Software Development,Open Source Initiative (OSI),European Commission's Open Source Observatory —clearinghouse of info for EU, Mozilla, Apache,Python Software Foundation And So On !!

Standards Of open Source 
Every Software Must Comply The Following Criteria To Be Called A open Source Software:
1.Free redistribution
2. Source code
3. Derived works
4. Integrity of the author’s source code
5. No discrimination against persons or groups
6. No discrimination against fields of endeavor
7. Distribution of license
8. License must not be specific to a product
9. License must not restrict other software

1.Better Quality
2.Higher Reliability
3.More Flexibility
4.Lower Cost Of Owner Ship
5.Development cycles are VERY fast
6.Easier To Customise
7.Reduced Dependence On Software Vendors.

 Disadvantages/ Limitations

1.Continuity of developer communities.
2.Poor documentation.
3.Innovation versus standards.
4.Learning curve.
5.Not all hardware compatible Becasue Every Software And Drivers Are mostly Build On Windows Paltform.
6.No Continuous Updates.

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