Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Universe In A Year--Cosmic Calender

Have You Ever Imagined The Entire History Of Universe Right From The Moment Time Does'nt Exist ,The Big Bang To Last Second You Blink Being Compressed Into A Year !!
Seems Quite Amazing Relative To This Time Line Everything That Happened Over Last Few Decades takes Place In Less than the Last Milli Second of the last Minute Of The Year.This Theory Was Called "Cosmic Calender".

The Cosmic Calendar is a scale in which the 13.7 billion year lifetime of the universe is mapped onto a single year. At this scale the Big Bang took place on January 1 at midnight, and the current time is mapped to December 31 at midnight.Under This Scale The Galaxies Were Formed Over Nine Months And earth Inception  Takes Place In September.All Human History is Accounted In Last Five minutes Of the Last day Of The Year.So Realtive To this Scale The Life Time Of A man Is just a Few Milli Seconds.Certain Of The Greatest Events In History of man Kind Like The Construction Of Pyramids Took Place at Dec 31 Dec 11:59:50.487 Pm And Word war II In 11:59:59:974 Pm 
 At this scale, there are 434 years per second, 1.57 million years per hour, and 37.7 million years per day. 
This Concept Of Cosmic Calender Was Given By American Astronomer Late Carl Sagan In His Book "The Dragons of Eden" To Help out The People In Understanding The Timeline Of Universe.
Date/Time                                Event
1 jan Midnight                        Bigbang -Universe Forms
15 Mar                                  First Stars And Galaxies Forms
1 May                                   Our own Milky way Forms
8 sep                                     Sun Forms
9 sep                                     Solar system Formation
14 sep                                   Formation of Earth
20 Sep                                  Earth's Atmosphere       
25 sep                                   Life on Earth
o2 Oct                                  Formation of the oldest rocks known on Earth
7 Oct                                    Earliest Known Fossils
12 Nov                                Oldest fossil photosynthetic plants
15 nov                                  Eukaryotes (first cells with nuclei) flourish
18 Dec                                 First Multi Cellualr Life Forms
19 Dec                                 First Fish
21 DEc                                First Land Plants .Insects
23 dec                                 Reptiles            
24 Dec                                First Mammals   
29 dec                                 Dinosaurs Extintion
31 Dec 11.55 Pm                Homosapiens Appear

Facebook unveils new version of questions tool

After A Year Of Beta Testing,Facebook Launched Its New Version of Facebook Questions This Week .Facebook The World's Best Social Networking Site To Hang on Intoduced This Q&A Feature called Questions for Its Over 600 Million Users Which Would Have A Chance To Take on Collobrative Online Faq's Providing Sites like Yahoo,Answerbag,Quora ,Wiki Answers.
This Is more Effective Than the Sites Mentioned Above Because Here you’re no longer directing questions to the entire Online Community ,Instead You are Asking For Limited Community Of the Facebook Users.Moreover In other Sites where questions are asked and answered by users where You Get A Answer From non Trusted User Rather Here We get Answer From The One You can Trust From Your Friends And Friends Of friends. In That Way We can Get An Expert And Reliable answer For our Query.
It just makes it easier to get recommendations from your friends.Even you Can go For The Public Question If You Would Like to.
Unlike the old version of Questions, you can no longer browse by Topic,Category  the only questions you’ll see are the ones that pop up organically in your News Feed,you can also see questions that have been asked by friends, and only friend Or Pages You Been Following.Eventually By This Way Our Question Can Bounce Back All Around the Facebook Community.

When asking a question, users have an option to create a poll with restricted answers or one that allows anybody to add answers. We Can keep Limited Choice But When a Friend Finds If They Have something Else Other Than The Options Provided they Can Add It too Which Would Be Easy To Get more Effective Option.Facebook .And It Provides Users To Add The Facebook Profiles For Certain Options.

Check Out This Cool new Option To Get Answers For Your Head Burning Question In Easy Way Here Facebook Questions

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yahoo debuts 'future of search'-Search Direct

Yahoo The Popoular Search Engine And Internet Portal Has Launched A Striking New Real Time Search Feature Which Lists The Instant Results in  a Drop down Box.
Yahoo Was Back In Searching Feature In Recent Times.Google Is Triumph In Search Field .Yahoo Hopes To Regain Its Reputation Once Again With This New Feature.
This New Feature called Search Direct ,Is Similar to The Instant Search Feature That Google Released Back In September 2010.Search Direct Combines Works In Exact Way Of Google's Search Except It shows Trending Instant search Queries In Blue Drop Down Box.
When You Type Something In Search Box Results On Search Direct Are Displayed in a Blue Box that Drops Down Which Contains a List of links.When A User Places The Cursor Onto Some Drop Down Result It shows the Preview Of theTrending Search Results.In Google Results Start Appear Automatically Eventually Making It Fast And Effective Search.

This Search Direct Is Released As Beta product And Currently Availabe At
Try it Once .
Lets See How This New search Feature Affects The Google's Regin

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Download Facebook videos by just viewing the source code

Hello Friends Here is a Cool Trick To Download Facebook Videos in A simple way By Just Using Source code.
By this Cool Trick You Can Download Videos Without Using Any Third Party Softwares Like Orbit etc.
All You Just Need  a Firebox Browser
Step1: Open The Video In a New Tab

Step2: HighLight The Video Starting From The Text "Video Posted By.." To In this Video And Right Click To View Selection Source

Step3:Now In The Source Code look Up For "mp4".This is the format generally in which FB stores your videos. ".mp4" in the source window will be highlighted.
You Will See Something like This

This Is Your Donwload Link Which Is Not In Well Formed Form ,It Has To Be Converted To Normal Form Which Would Be Understood by Browser From The Hexa Decimal Format
Step 4: Copy The Link From Http to .Mp4
Replace %3A With : And %2F With '/'
then Your Donwload Link Looks Something Like This

Paste this URL in the browser address bar and start downloading that video.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our top 10 techie characters from the movies

Facebook Adds Ability to Easily Tag Others In Comments

Facebook Have Added A New Useful Feature That lets you tag friends, pages, events or groups within comments, turning their names into clickable links by using a simple drop-down menu.
This New Feature Was Just An Expansion to The @Mention Feature Introduced Long Back Which Lets the users To Tag The Friends In Their Status .'@' the Famous Symbol To Refer A Person ,Which Got Rise In Usage By Tweeting.

Before This Feature We Just Used to Type @ Before Friend Name In Conversations Which Would some times Lead To The Confusion when Their of USers of Same Name .

Now This New Thing Provides To You To Linkable Name in comments which will rule out the ambiguity.
When ever You Tag A person, The Person Who Is Tagged Will Get A Notification Like "The Person Who Tagged You" Mentioned You In A Comment " .

Not only friends it also Tags the Pages,events,Groups etc.Admins can ‘use Facebook as a Page’ and publish comments that mention themselves on the posts of other Pages in order to attract people to their Page. Unlike The Traditonal Way Of reffering as Posting The Url.
This Would Encourage The Users To Further Comment Turning into a long Run Conversation.But This May Flood Your notifications .
Lets see Will This Feature Encourage us To Stay more Time on Facebook ??

Friday, March 4, 2011

Lasers drag tractor beams from sci-fi to sci-possible

A Week After The Invention of a Worlds First Anti laser,a device that absorbs, rather than emits,a beam of light.Scientists Have Successfully Demonstrated The Possibility of Tractor Beam In Future.
Tractor Beam is a Term Familiar To Those Who Are Fans of Science Fiction Movies Like Star Trek And Star War and Even In Austin Powers.
All Those Catchy intresting Concepts of Science Fiction Are more Likely To be Real soon Like Warp Effect,Anti laser ,Antimatter,Teleportation And Now the Star Trek Iconic Concept of Gravitational Beaming Of Objects "Tractor Beam"
Its Not A Thing To us ,Scientists are carrying out on this Things From Decaes And They Are Working on  Every Single of possibility of Turning of Our Science Fiction Things Into Reality .Tractor Beam is Very Famous For its Usage in Star Trek the starship Enterprise often dragged objects towards it with its glowing tractor beam.
Now There Is Every Possibility of Having This In Reality .But It May be Take a Decade To get into Play.

So What is A Tractor Beam And How It Drags The objects

A tractor beam is a device with the ability to attract one object to another from a distance. Since the 1990's, technology and research has labored to make it a reality, mostly at microscopic level. Less commonly, a similar beam that repels is called a pressor beam or repulsor beam. Gravity impulse and gravity propulsion beams are areas of research from fringe physics that coincide with the concepts of tractor and repulsor beams.

When light falls on an opaque object, the surface reflects most of the photons back in the direction they came from. What's less obvious is that these bouncing photons push back on the object, causing it to move away from the light source. If the object is very small, this push can be significant. But this is the exact opposite of the suction-like behaviour of tractor beams in science fiction.
Now Jun Chen of Fudan University in Shanghai, China, and colleagues, have shown that it is possible to create exotic beams that would pull rather than push on an object. For tiny particles with dimensions of a thousandth of a millimetre or so, this would result in the particle being drawn back towards the beam.

These Latest Advacnements Proves That The Future is Of "Lasers" And Likely To Live In The World Of Science Fiction  Movies.

 Source: Techradar
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