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Torrenting And Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites

The Days are Gone Where People Used to Run Around Shops to Buy CDS And DVDS of Their Favourite movies .Now Its All About Downloading the New movies From internet Torrent Sites Yet Before They Get Released.We been Downloading movies,Games And Variety of Softwares,Operating Systems even Cracked working As the Original ones !!

Torrenting Is A Highly Popular Activity In Internet World That Lets People To Exchange Files Between Computers.Even Though Its An Ilelgal One As it is Goes Agaisnt The Copy right Problem People Find Its As Amazing Thing as its Difficult for Finding The Favourite movies of ones . Its not only About The movies Even Tv Series Which Are  Available on Internet even as they Are No more Aired.Through torrents We can Get our Favourite tv Series .Besides These Are Free most of Sites.What Can Attract People MOre when Offered In Free. No one Affords to Buy movies Would Cost Some Hundreds Bucks When You Can get it for Zero Price.Though its An Good Option !! Buying Orginal is the Ethical thing And It Encourage Healthy Growth Of Industry.
We Can Use Contents Of These Websites Only For Backup Purpose Of Your Original CDs.

Torrents Have Evolved Now into a Huge Market Taking Its inception With Sharing of music Torrenting To Peer To Peer Sharing Network. Coming to Terminology The users Who Have Complete portions of the File Are Called Seeds And Who Are Downloading At The moment Having Part of File are Called Leechers .So more number Of Seeds More Quick The Download .When Ever You Start Downloading A New Torrent look its Health and its Seeds And Leeches .make Sure Seeds Are more Than leeches.
Here Are The Some of The Top 10 Popular Sites for Torrents :
1. The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay is probably the best known BitTorrent brand on the Internet. The site was founded in 2003 and is still expanding,Its the Ultimate Stop for Dowloading .It Indexes Files According to Category .It Has Huge Reprository of torrents.It Has An Alexa Rank of 76.

2. Torrentz
Torrentz has been the leading BitTorrent meta-search engine for years. Meta Search Engine Means It Searches Other Sites For Torrents.It Has An Alexa Rank of 164.

Isohunt became the first search engine that had to implement a keyword filter provided by the MPAA. Its a Good Place To Find Torrents.Alexa Rank=194

4. KickassTorrents
KickassTorrents was the fastest growing Torrent Site in Recent Times .It Has A Cool and Captivating Interface with Earth Color.The web site is easy to use and efficient with limited capabilities.
Alexa Rank is  289.

Btjunkies Allows You to Have Indexes private trackers which tend to have faster, higher quality torrents.The site also has an innovative feature where users can have BTJunkie search the new torrents daily and e-mail them the results. The site is fast with powerful search options and the layout is "windows" like. Alexa Rank Is 299.

The other Popular Sites Are:

9. TorrentReactor


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Improve internet speed by 20 %

This is how You can improve Your internet speed on ur computer by 20%
1)On ur computer,click on start button,select run (or press win key + R)....type
''gpedit.msc'' (without quotes) in run dialogue box and click ok,it will open Group Policy Edit window.
2)expand "computer
3) then expand
"administrative templates"
4) then expand "network"
5) then open the "QoS Packet
6) on right window double
click "limit reservable
7) on setting tab check/mark the
8) change "Bandwidth limit %"
to 0 (by default it's 20),apply,and click ok.
This is how u can,increase ur Internet speed by 20%
You've better to reboot ur computer after all :) works on XP and 7 !!

Xmen : First Class is a First Class Movie

X-Men: First Class, 2011. 

Directed by Matthew Vaughn. 
Starring James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, January Jones, Rose Byrne, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Lucas Till, Zoë Kravitz, Álex González, Caleb Landry Jones, Jason Flemyng, Oliver Platt and Ray Wise. 
Genre: Comic Book Action

Story Line :

Movie Starts Off With in Poland, 1944. The separation of Erik from his Jewish mother in the concentration camps. Having been found to have this power, A Nazi scientist by the name of Dr. Schmidt (Kevin Bacon) attempts to train Erik on how to use his power to manipulate metal. the Nazis harm his mother in order to tap into his anger. Seeking revenge for this, Erik grows up bitter and evergrowing in power. He Meets Charles Xavier, a telepath who strikes up a friendship with Raven (mystique) in childhood. Together, paired with Magneto and the American Government, they attempt to stop the cold war happening by a powerful mutant (who had ordered the death of Magneto’s mother back in the day) who aims to destroy all humans and allow the superrace of mutants to be triumphant.

X-Men Was One Of My Favourite Super Hero Franchise. Out Of All Mutants I like The Bad Ass " Wolverine " the most .Clearly He'snt There In the Movie As The movie Was Completely About The Beginning of X Men ,Orgins About The Two Great Mutants . I was Rather Into An Idea With out Wolverin There is No Xmen : movie .

Needless to say, I haven’t been as excited for the movie as everyone else seemed to be. I thought it’d be good and I knew I was gonna see it, but I definitely didn’t expect the movie that First Class turned out to be: a perfect example of how a superhero movie should be. In fact, in terms of adapting the spirit of it’s source material, X-Men: First Class equals The Dark Knight.Infact It Tops In Some Aspect To Turn out to be "best Super Hero Movie Ever" .

Movie Answers certian questions Which Most of us Dont How Close Friends Become Arch Enemies  .How Charles Lost his use of Legs.

Mathew Vaughn Returns With X Men :First Class Who Last Year Gave A Super Packed Action Hero Blockbuster "Kick Ass " With Bryan Singer ,The man Behind the incredible Succes Of Xmen first two Parts As An Idea Man Behind Him Made This movie A Clever ,Strongly Held,Well Packed And Exceptionally Great !!

Movie Brought out Some of The Hidden Young Talents To The World Michael Was Incredibly stong,Great,Action Packed Fits Well into The Role of Magneto Takes The Entire movie On his Broad Shoulders.James McAvoy, first as playboy Charles then he becomes the mature teacher, Did justice To The Role .The special effects are incredible With Properly equipped With Great Cinematic Style Of Action Sequences.

 In my opinion, it’s the best in the franchise. I loved X-Men I & II though. Not so much III. And Wolverine was alright. BUT FIRST CLASS WAS AMAZING!! & the score was so fresh. . They all did an EXCELLENT job on this film and great applause to Henry Pryce Jackman.

Over All Xmen Was  wonderfully portrayed and  explored, it details the becoming of many popular mutants in the Xmen films such as Mystique, Magneto, Beast and many more. With no moment too dull, fighting, history, feuds, friendships, fantasy and a superb plot, there’s nothing more that I could ask for from a film.

As someone who finds superhero movies often tedious and cliché, this film exceeds expectations and is one I would gladly watch over and over again.If You Miss This Movie you Would miss Some Extra Ordianary Film In Life !! I did'nt Say movie Was Better Than The Dark Knight but It Definetly Equals The Dark Knight in Every AspecT!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Antimatter Trapped For 16 Minutes

Scientists Have Revealed That They Are Very Close To Capture Antimatter, the universe's strange and elusive "twin" version of mass and To Keep it for long Durations.

Atoms of antimatter,Atoms Of Anti Hydrogen have been trapped and stored an international team of scientists working at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research near Geneva, Switzerland For more Than A Thousand Seconds .I Read In a Article that's It Was About Quarter Hour Showing us The Possible Thing Of Capturing and Enclosing It in a Bottle Which Was Considered Almost impossible Few Years Ago.

Until This Misconception Was Proved To Be Wrong When Scientists working on the big bang machine in Geneva have done the seemingly impossible: create, capture and release antimatter.

Back in Time ,Last Year November Same Scientists Were The First Evert To Trap Anti Hydrogen .They were able to preserve the antimatter atoms for one-tenth of a second.(172 Seconds ).The researchers created 38 anti hydrogen atoms.

Though it Was Small Amount Of Time but It was Significant Enough To Drive us Into New Possibilities And Stepping into A New Age of Science.

Capturing the antimatter always disappeared quickly, annihilating itself on first contact with any speck of "real" matter in a burst of energy.

For Decades Physicists Have Been Trying To trap antimatter to perform detailed experiments on its properties and The Existence Of Universe And Un Answered Questions Of Universe.

But studying this antimatter was not easy. When an antiparticle of any kind meets its matter counterpart, the pair annihilate each other in a small but fierce burst of energy. An atom of anti hydrogen, consisting of a positron and an anti proton, would instantly vanish upon contact with any matter. The only way to store antimatter, then, is to keep it in a High magnetic field.
Until very recently, that meant that only subatomic antiparticles could be stored and studied because only charged antiparticles, anti protons and positrons, can be manipulated by a magnetic field. Whole atoms do not have an electric charge and so magnets were of limited use.
 With This Achievement We Can Finally Be Understand The universe And It Could Solve The Energy Problems as we Antimatter Energy Can Be Used To As Alternative power Source Like Shown in Movies Like To Give Warp in Star Trek And Star Wars, We Could Power the Entire City .Lets Hope For Peaceful and Better Future !!

Read More :DNA India 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

DNA computer ‘calculates square roots’

Computing Have Taken A New Shape .A New Era of Computing is made To Set out With the Advent Of Dna Computers As Scientists Design  a New digital circuit designed to use molecules to crunch a Solve variety of complex math problems.
Sounds A Bit Strange But Next Generation of computing Is Possible With DNA.As Scientists Realise The Fact That Millions of natural supercomputers exist inside living organisms, including your body. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) molecules, the material our genes are made of, have the potential to perform calculations many times faster than the world's most powerful human-built computers. DNA might one day be integrated into a computer chip to create a so-called biochip that will push computers even faster.

DNA computing uses chemical reactions to solve problems in which a number of DNA strands act as "bits".

The work, reported in Science, required 130 strands of DNA to work in a cascade of programmed chemical changes.

The approach is not designed to rival traditional electronics, but rather to allow computing to occur in biological contexts, perhaps even in the body.

DNA computing was first proposed by Leonard Adelman in 1994, to solve what is known as the "travelling salesman problem" - determining the shortest path that joins a number of geographically separated locations.

Since then, a wide array of approaches has aimed to make use of the properties that make DNA attractive for computing: it can be made to order and its interactions with itself are well-studied and reliable.

In 2006, Erik Winfree of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and his colleagues published an article in Science a framework making use of one of these approaches, known as strand displacement.

Stretches of DNA made of just one strand (rather than the two joined strands that form the well-known double helix) were used as anchor points for other single strands.

By carefully "programming" the movement of these strands, the researchers were able to recreate a number of elements familiar from conventional computing, including logic gates, amplification, and feedback.

"Those circuits were smaller [than those of the current work], but more importantly, they were built using more complex DNA molecules that made systems more difficult to debug and had other problems," Professor Winfree told BBC News.


Now, Professor Winfree and his collaborator Lulu Qian have employed a scheme using what they call "seesaw gates", which accomplish the shuffling and exchange of DNA strands using simpler machinery.

The work showed that seesaw gates could again be used to create logic gates - the basis of electronic computing's manipulation of information - and represented a five-fold leap in the number of DNA sections ever implemented in such a DNA computer.

The approach can be scaled up in complexity far further, the authors suggest - but the process is slow.

For example, it was used to calculate the square root of a four-bit number, but the process took between six and 10 hours.

However, Professor Winfree said that contrary to conventional electronics, the goal is not just high speeds.

"We are no longer pursuing the goal targeted by Len Adleman's original DNA computing experiment: to compete with silicon by using the massive parallelism of chemistry to solve combinatorial problems in mathematics," he explained.

"Instead, our goal is now - and has been for many years - to enrich chemistry itself so that molecular behaviours can be programmed.

"We'd like to make chemical systems that can probe their molecular environments, process chemical signals, make decisions, and take actions at the chemical level."

Binyamin Gil, a member of the research group that in 2009 published on a DNA computer that could "answer" logical conundrums, told BBC News that the DNA computer of the new work exhibited more "digital behaviour" than other molecular computing approaches and thus that "it may be more robust, reliable and scalable".

"The complexity of the presented work - together with the potential of scalability and of interfacing it with other molecular computers - make this paper important and interesting," he said.

Source :BBC

How to Save Searches on Twitter

Do you know you can save searches on Twitter? Yes ! You Can Save A Search for a Topic And you can always come back and get the latest results for that query, without ever having to type in the same words. In one click, you can view search results for topics that matter most to you.
How to Save a Search:

  1. Log in to your Twitter account
  2. Type your query into the search box at the top of the page and press your return key
  3. Once your results appear, click the "Save this search" button 
How to Revisit a Saved Search:

  1. Log in to your Twitter account
  2. Click on the "Searches" tab in the middle of your page
  3. Select which search you would like to visit in the drop-down menu that appears
 You Can Also Delete The Saved Searches Which you Feel not Worthy Anymore !!

Matrix - “Neodammerung” (Asatoma Sadgamaya English Lyrics )

Here Are The English Translated Lyrics Of asatoma Sadgamaya ( A Prayer the seeker’s admission of his sense of limitedness and his heartfelt cry for assistance in transcendence.) 
The Ending Sound Track Which Appeared in Matrix Revolutions.

Lead me from the unreal to the real.
Lead me from darkness to light.
Lead me from death to immortality.

He who knows both knowledge and action,
with action overcomes death
and with knowledge reaches immortality.

In him are woven the sky and the earth
and all the regions of the air,
and in him rest the mind
and all the powers of life.
Know him as the ONE
and leave aside all other words.
He is the bridge of immortality.

Beyond the senses is the mind,
and beyond the mind is reason, its essence.
Beyond reason is the Spirit in man,
and beyond this is the Spirit of the Universe,
the evolver of all.

When the five senses and the mind are still,
and reason itself rests in silence,
then begins the Path supreme.

So on and so forth
So on and so forth
So on and so forth

And when he is seen in his immanence and transcendence,
then the ties that have bound the heart are unloosenend,
the doubts of the mind vanish,
and the law of Karma works no more.